LIGO dissidence from Italy and Brazil academics

A group of academic scientists from Italy and Brazil has published a paper in a well-regarded, refereed journal – suggesting that the LIGO observation of gravitational wave (GW) from neutron star-neutron star merger (GW 170817) reported in October 2017 is questionable (read here. Full arXiv article may be read here.). They suggest that the event was most likely a White Dwarf-White Dwarf merger, in which case LIGO was not expected to detect a GW signal from this lower energy event.

I am not knowledgeable on the thesis of the paper, but if the conclusion is that LIGO did not observe anything about the GW 170817 event, it is absolutely correct. Here is what I explained way back then:

By now a significant amount of dissident literature exists, even if you confine yourself to refereed publications. It is time for all good men to stop listening to the bullcrap from the Ligonauts. They have a haughty answer for every criticism, usually in the form “You do not understand” or “It is too complicated” or “LIGO is highly specialized science.” It is time to attend to the dissident science: clear, straightforward, conventional.


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