LIGO India update: They’re going great guns

The year 2019 seems to be the starting point of concrete activities towards building LIGO India. There are many signs that they are proceeding full speed ahead.

First, the Department of Atomic Energy has put out an official tender for building the LIGO office building (Rs. 359 lakhs) in the Aundha Village in Hingoli District, Maharashtra.

Second, there is a report that the Prime Minister of India is expected to perform the groundbreaking ceremony at the LIGO site nearby, in February. This means that the Indian Government LIGO decision makers have given full and final go ahead.

Third, a big planning conference on LIGO India is taking place next week in a luxury resort near Mumbai, with international participants. I guess this “luxury” is justified by this being a celebratory/victory event.

All this means that India has obtained (or thinks it has) explicit or implicit assurance from the US Government and the Nobel Foundation to proceed without any scientific concerns. For US and Sweden to give the clearance – if they did – to a poverty-ridden nation to go ahead and invest thousands of crores of rupees of her taxpayer money on a fraud-ridden enterprise is rather surprising to me. I would have thought these parties had an obligation to at least caution the Indian Government on this – even if privately, even if off the record. The Nobel Foundation has close ties to India, and should have done something if they are in possession of such findings on LIGO as would aid India’s decision.

The US and Indian physics establishments also bear a great deal of responsibility in what is about to happen.

At any rate, stopping LIGO India is a lost cause for me. All I can say is that I tried.

No one concerned should ever forget that India is proceeding in the face of multiple flashing red signs from multiple directions and from multiple scientific experts worldwide. But so is Japan for that matter.


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