Construction of LIGO India has begun

According to this report, construction work on LIGO India has begun. They expect to begin observation in 2025.

This is significant news for LIGO critics. It means that NSF-LIGO is proceeding flank speed towards a multi-year program of well-funded discoveries.

Earlier reports said that before beginning construction, Prime Minister Narendra Modi would perform a groundbreaking ceremony. I have not seen any reports of this so far.

LIGO today is backed by multiple governments, and the world media. It has become so that before any science happens, just the mere sight of a wiggle sends the media into a tizzy. This summer LIGO will feature big in the science festival circuit. Kip Thorne and Barry Barish at Starmus in Zurich, and Rainer Weiss at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

Just about the only group that is no longer applauding LIGO today is the physics establishment. There is an ominous silence there.


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