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Is Kip Thorne leaving LIGO behind?

July 28, 2019

ZHUHAI, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On July 23th, 2019, BY-HEALTH Nutrition Exploratorium held its opening ceremony in Zhuhai Sanzao District. Many industry experts including Nobel laureate in Physics, Kip Thorne, attended and shared their understanding and expectation for the future of personalized health management plan.

How Big Bang got its groove

July 26, 2019

If you truly care about the plight of physics ….

July 26, 2019

People of the world:

Today you are being asked to ignore the LIGO dissidents. But they will win the day.

Today you are being asked to worship the physics greats as infallible temple gods. But they are being named in connection with “Lolita Express” and “Orgy Island”.

This video is a must-watch:

Lawrence Krauss, Jeffrey Epstein, and Firing Your Heroes into the Sun

Paris M. Herouni – unsung hero of physics

July 24, 2019

This is the video from which the following screen is taken.

Paris M. Herouni, Paris Herouni, Herouni antenna, Penzias and Wilson, cosmic black body, cmb, cmb bharat

LIGO BS just keeps coming at us….

July 23, 2019

Here is the reference in the following diagram. The diagram can be expanded twice by clicking twice.

Clifford Will



Caribbean Comfort

July 22, 2019

The world has been regaled with great tales of association between stellar physicists and tycoons (Kip Thorne with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos; David Gross with Fred Kavli; Stephen Hawking with Bill Gates; etc.) But it seems that one tycoon was selectively left out from such awe-inspiring tales of mingling of power and intellect.

A recent report:

Famous ex-friends

By Neel V. Patel Jul 13, 2019, 9:00am EDT

Jeffrey Epstein’s presence has loomed large over the scientific community for several decades. To some of the most high-profile scientists around the world, Epstein was a generous benefactor, a strong supporter of their research, and even a personal friend. He’s also a convicted sex offender, who was recently arrested and charged with allegedly sex trafficking young girls in New York. The Verge reached out to over a dozen different scientists and institutions who have been publicly linked to Epstein, with questions about their history with the multimillionaire and their reactions to his recent arrest. Some have themselves been accused of sexual harassment and assault. Only a handful chose to respond. Epstein’s lawyers also did not respond to a request for comment.

Now consider my graphic:


UPDATE: Oops, forgot Jim Peebles of Princeton. Include him in both lists. He derided my teacher Hannes Alfven in strong language. Also include Alan Guth and Barry Barish in both lists.

LiteBIRD Collaboration: Physics’s army of the mindless dead

July 19, 2019

LiteBIRD satellite, LiteBIRD spacecraft, LiteBIRD Japan, LiteBIRD Collaboration, Masashi Hazumi LiteBIRD, Hirosi Ooguri, Hiroshi Yamakawa JAXA, Shizuo Yamamoto JAXA, cosmic black body fraud, cmb fraud, cmb polarization, b mode polarization

LIGO fortifications

July 11, 2019


The LIGO neighborhood

July 8, 2019


ADDENDUM 07/10/2019

Folks, consider the following detection. Given the above diagram, given the copious record of space weather data being acquired around the world, given the Gutierrez demonstration that LIGO detections are linked to space weather, given how space weather gets into LIGO output in a complex and uncharacterizable manner, how can any scientific study conclude that space weather effect is emphatically negligible and black hole merger is emphatically indicated? This is telling evidence understandable by non-experts that these people are screwing around with tens of millions of dollars of your money, and rolling out sham discoveries on a weekly basis, under the aegis of NSF.


What happened to the Big Bang dissidents?

July 8, 2019

big_bang_cosmologyLindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2019, Starmus 2019