CONFIRMED: Wikipedia is thoroughly corrupt

For many years I am trying to convince people that Wikipedia has been usurped by the physics fraud cartels to install their fraud science AND to keep out dissidence. I have personally known them to do this very harshly. NASA has employed insiders to keep the Wikipedia page for John C. Mather – the greatest science fraud in history until LIGO came along – pristine and free from anything negative. I then made sure that all the accolade givers of Mather are listed on that page so that these organizations will be on visible record as fraud promoters if and when the Mather discovery goes belly up in public view. (Since the accolades are positive things, no “cleaners” removed them!) Here are two of my many graphics criticizing Wikipedia:



Now, the co-founder of Wikipedia is confirming and asserting his creation’s rampant corrupting of the world in the context of politics. Watch this video:

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