LIGO India update, September 2021

There is some movement on the LIGO India front, reported in a Marathi language news outlet:

Here are some machine-translated portions:

” Hingoli: A laboratory for studying gravitational waves will be set up at Dudhala, Anjanwada in Aundha Nagnath taluka. However, due to the corona outbreak, the work had come to a standstill for the last one and a half years. However, work on the main building started as soon as the second wave subsided, said project engineer Sagar Bhuvad.

A residence for scientists and scientists will be set up on 7.80 hectares of land in Jamwadi Shivara in Limbala MIDC area. However, even in this place, there is no movement of residential construction.

Sagar Bhuvad said the Ligo project has purchased eight acres of land in Vasrani area of Nanded and a rest house for world-class scientists will also be set up at the site.”

Also, the Brits have produced a pop-up book to educate children in the vicinity of the LIGO India site:

Here is a graphic by artist Oliver Dean (click for better view):


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