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February 20, 2017

Over the past few decades we have seen the American physics establishment launch wave upon wave of gigantic discoveries that are either intricate scam or diabolic fraud. We have seen these discoveries then installed as scientific truth with the help of the American media which rules the roost worldwide.

These discoveries have then found their way to children’s textbooks the world over. Documented scientific and engineering proof of the fraud offered in public has had no impact whatsoever on this triumphal “march” of science.

The American physics establishment has acted like a monolith in its support of this megatrend. Not a single voice of dissent on these fraudulent ventures has arisen in these few decades. Neither an Edward R. Murrow nor an Edward Snowden has come forward from within their midst.

That is because there is no good left in their midst.

And such is the real nature of the intellectual vanguard of our civilization today. This is an amorphous mass of pure evil.

It is time for just indignation in all good men. LIGO should not be seen as a yet one more roll-out of a new product from Physics Fraud USA Inc.

It is time to draw a line in the sand. It is time to draw the battle lines.

Mankind’s only hope here is the few ragtag dissidents. The seven samurai.

So LIGO dissidents, your job is not done. Humanity looks to you. Civilization looks to you. Goddess of Truth looks to you. You have been chosen for the task.

You have drawn your cerebral sword. Now finish the move. Perform a clean kesa giri.

NOTE ADDED 2/20/2017:

As soon as the next LIGO detection is rolled out, it will reveal more evidence. So stay vigilant!

LIGO: Neil deGrasse Tyson’s bizarre tirade

February 14, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a science-popularizing public figure with a large following. His fields generally are astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. His following – it can be assumed – looks to him to give the correct view of things, and accepts that view in implicit trust.

In a recent Q&A session he was asked about LIGO. On that he launched on a bizarre rant. This in itself is of no interest here, but what he says proves a very important point. People of his ilk – the LIGO commentariat – are peddling absolute garbage science to the world. This is the post-truth world of LIGO: Maintaining a fraudulent discovery through total control of the news media, with “fake news” and authoritative tough-guy stance by a group of poseurs.

Read this, and then I will show that Tyson does not know whereof he speaks.

AL: Last year…they found a gravity wave. When you looked, it was the tiniest little blip, you wound up wondering is it real. Do you believe in the [LIGO] apparatus? (LIGO refers to a pair of experiments, one in Washington State and one in Louisiana, built to observe gravitational waves from astrophysical phenomena like colliding black holes.)

NDT: The word “belief” will never come out of my mouth. The instrument is highly sensitive. It can tell if there’s a car driving on a road a half of a mile away. So you have to ask yourself what kind of signal would colliding black holes leave. We know general relativity and can calculate what that signal would be: it goes like this. Woop! (Tyson draws a squiggle on a page). Has anyone seen this? No? Then all of the sudden you get it. Holy shit, this matches our model for a black hole. Excuse me, same apparatus 1500 miles away, did you get this as well? Yes you did! Did you get it at the same time? No, you got it a 30th of a second later. Einstein’s prediction is that gravity waves move at the speed of light, and that is the time delay of the speed of light between these two institutions! (Tyson is shouting now) So, you will have to tell me that there is some glitch that knows how to mimic what we calculate for two colliding black holes (Pounding fist on the table) and somehow figured out how to put the same glitch 1500 miles away, a 30th of a second delayed.

So we’re good to go. We’re on to the next problem.

AL: Okay. I just want reassurance.

NDT: No, it’s good! We have competent people thinking about this stuff. We’re not just making shit up.

OK, let us take his points one by one.

First, Tyson says LIGO is so sensitive that it picks up a car traveling far away. LIGO responding to a car far away or to snow falling on cedars nearby or whatever has absolutely nothing to do with the working principle of the LIGO instrument. These spurious signals are recorded because they cause something to go out of whack inside LIGO. And most anything that goes out of whack inside LIGO will produce a LIGO “whack” signal. This signal is not generated according to the LIGO principle of operation. This process does not test anything about the LIGO working principle.

Second, he says that the sequential arrival of the “discovery” signals is proof that it is a gravitational wave. End of discussion, he says. The sequential arrival can occur due to a number of reasons: High altitude geomagnetic disturbance, deep Earth seismic disturbance, etc. Even fluctuations in the DC bridge connecting the American Eastern and Western electric power grids have been suggested as a possible cause of this near-simultaneous observation of the same signal at the two stations. In fact, when an earlier discovery of gravitational wave was reported on the basis of such a simultaneity, Rainer Weiss himself shot this down, saying it was due to geomagnetic disturbance.

Third, Tyson says that the LIGO discovery should be accepted because it has been made by “competent” people. Similarly competent people also reported the COBE Satellite discovery and the BICEP2 discovery. Both were fraud science. LIGO leader Rainer Weiss was also the scientific leader of the COBE project.


February 13, 2017

All previous physics fraudsters scammed at a very high level of intellectual sophistry where they would have very few interlopers. But the Ligonauts have become so reckless that they scam at all levels. Let me show you how they scam at the most basic of basic levels where no one would even think to question their science (even though many could.) This concerns the LIGO India proposal submitted to the India Government by US and Indian Ligonauts.


When the present two LIGO stations (in Hanford WA and Livingston LA) observe a wave, the direction of the incoming wave can be generally placed somewhere on a circle in the sky:


The justification of the Indian LIGO is simple and straightforward: It will constitute a third station that would complete a triangular network base which will reduce the above circle to a point in the sky. This is high school geometry. Even so, let us lay the groundwork for our discussion.

There would be three LIGO stations:

STATION H: Hanford WA (USA) 46.5839° N, 119.3867° W

STATION L: Livingston LA (USA) 30.5021° N, 90.7479° W

STATION A: Aundh Maharashtra (India) 18.5580° N, 73.8075° E

Considering the surface normals to the Earth at the three stations, we see that a gravitation wave will make widely different incidence angles. This is not a good attribute of the network, given that nothing at all is known about the angular dependence of LIGO reception. However, as long as strong enough signals are recorded at all the stations to make a good determination of the signal arrival times, “triangulation” is still possible

So triangulation is the only benefit of the networking.

So how would the triangulation be done? Suppose the wave arrives at the stations as follows:

Hanford at tH (GMT)

Livingston at tL (GMT)

Aundh at tA (GMT)

and let:

ΔtLH = tH ~ tL

ΔtHA = tH ~ tA

ΔtAL = tA ~ tL.

These three differential times (delays between two stations) – which must all be non-zero – can now be used to pin down the direction of incoming waves. A single point can be placed on the sky for the source.

This is how simple and elegant the idea is!

Now for the scam.

Suppose that a wave arrives at such an angle that it passes simultaneously (or nearly so) through Hanford and Livingston. The three-station network is worthless, because ΔtLH = 0. Thus, the network can determine the direction of the source only within a circular band LH (of significant width) in the sky.

Look at it this way: Since tH = tL, the only way you can locate the source is by using ΔtHA and/or ΔtLA. So again you are reduced to having circles in the sky for the source location. Since there is a whole slew of such wave angles that hit Hanford and Livingston nearly simultaneously, and due to other uncertainties, the circular band has substantial width on the sky.

Likewise, there are two other bands HA and AL.

So, in going to a three-station network, there arise three bands covering a significant portion of the sky within which the source direction cannot be pinpointed.

Since these three bands are fixed to the Earth and not to the sky (i.e. the bands rotate with the Earth), the ability of the network to pinpoint a source depends on both where the source actually is on the sky, and when it is observed. So observability is further impeded.

But that is not all.

The response of LIGO for wide angle incidence (wide angle from the surface normal) has neither been determined nor been studied, and must, for now, be considered unknown (i.e. no useful signal for wide angle incidence.) This means that there are two very large patches (caps or inverted bowls) in the sky – roughly centered above the Arctic and Antarctica that are permanently outside LIGO’s view.

So you can see that much of the sky is not accessible to the three-station triangulation deal. On the whole LIGO India does not add a clear benefit. There was never any scientific justification for the Indian LIGO as an extension of US LIGO. A three-station LIGO is a Three-ring Circus in the sky.

But what about LIGO India as a stand-alone research station?

A concrete reason for stopping the project in this regard that any non-LIGO physicist will agree with – a reason sufficient by itself – is the fact that LIGO has no valid calibration procedure. A scientific instrument without a valid calibration procedure is like a measuring tape without any markings on it. What would you do with it?

Of course all of the above comments are redundant when one accepts that the LIGO instrument concept is fundamentally wrong at the level of its inception. But for those who do not wish to probe that deep, the above considerations are solid scientific grounds for concluding that India LIGO is not all it is cracked up to be. It has been tremendously overhyped – with purposeful deliberation.


February 2, 2017

I use the LIGO example to clearly illustrate what is wrong with the overall US science-funding model: Control by powerful cabals, rampant cronyism, unwillingness to reform and willingness to cover up. The science-funding mechanism today verges on racketeering by intellectuals, their ‘marks’ being the taxpayers.

[Am I generalizing to all fields of science from a single field? No, they are all corrupt, to one degree or another. If you want another example from a very different field, consider medical research. Check out the case Fazlul Sarkar v John Does wending its way through the courts. A high-flying academic fraud was thriving very well with great funding until Internet dissidents exposed him.]

An example of how far this corruption has advanced is the effort in the National Science Foundation (NSF), the funder of LIGO, to shove down the gullet of India the LIGO fraud. The US Ligonauts have enlisted some useful fools in India, and are now about to install another copy of their 8-km high-tech dowsing rod in India with the help of the native fools. In this way India will help legitimize the US fraud, and the enterprise will be strengthened.

Recently NSF, on the advice of the National Science Board (NSB), declared certain funding priorities as follows:

The Astrophysics and Cosmology Theory program supports proposals that primarily are involved with theoretical particle astrophysics and big-bang cosmology as well as more speculative string theory-inspired cosmologies.

Big Bang Cosmology is in plain scientific evidence as a field of science developed through a series of experiments that are either scammed or fraudulent.

String Theory is frou-frou science that has been going nowhere very fast and very loudly for more than three decades. It is a vehicle of intellectual masturbation by a chosen few.

But this is not all. If you do not do fraud science or frou-frou science, you are being asked to take a hike by the gatekeeper of this exclusive club. You have go fight for funds in another milieu altogether:

Research in cosmology and astrophysics topics not mentioned above is supported by the Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Grants Program in the MPS Division of Astronomical Sciences.

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January 31, 2017

Today is the Nobel Prize 2017 nomination deadline. It is certain that powerful LIGO nominations are in – powerfully written recommendations from powerful physicists.

What do we have to counteract these nominations? Professor Wolfgang Engelhardt has renewed and updated this year his past year’s referral to the Physics Nobel Committee:

To Professor Nils Mårtensson (chairman),
nils.martensson, info

Dear Professor Mårtensson,

you are certainly aware of the Open Letter to the Nobel Committee for Physics 2016. Unfortunately, the uncertainties concerning the LIGO experiment have not been removed during the past year. On the contrary, neither an event of similar magnitude as GW150914 was detected, nor was the calibration paper arXiv:1602.03838v1 [gr-qc] 11 Feb 2016 published in a peer reviewed journal. The co-authors Prof. Bruce Allen and Prof. Karsten Danzmann do not even list this e-print among their publications in ResearchGate, although this report was cited in reference [63] of PRL 116, 061102 (2016) as an integral part of the ‘discovery’. There is no doubt, without proving experimentally LIGO’s ability to measure 10 oscillations of heavy mirrors with an amplitude of one thousandth of a proton radius within 200 milliseconds as allegedly induced by GW150914 one cannot claim any discovery.

Nevertheless, some authors of the ‘discovery paper’ PRL 116, 061102 (2016) express in the media their expectation that LIGO must be awarded a Nobel Prize in 2017. I am sure, your Committee will not comply with these unfounded and unreasonable requests until a solid experimental proof of a real discovery of the hypothetical gravitational waves has been published.

Yours sincerely,
Wolfgang Engelhardt

This is a very good step. Think about it: The Nobel Committee and their consultants may not be reading about the Internet dissidence. So, without such a referral sent directly to the Committee, they may never even know that there is anything the matter with the LIGO discovery.

Over spring and summer and going into fall, look for the LIGO gang “servicing” the Nobel nomination: Great presence and posturing in the media, accompanied perhaps by announcement of a few more confirmatory discoveries. They will also continue to build up the larger-than-life LIGO heroes. And of course the great physics commentariat will do its part in the campaign.

LIGO India is on hold!

January 29, 2017

Following the 11 February 2016 report of the discovery of gravitational wave, the LIGO India project was given approval on 17 February 2016. Since then the project has been moving with lightning speed. The Indian Ligonauts have been going great guns.

But now there are reports that the project has stalled – something to do with the site selection process. Many snags can develop with finalizing the site, and so this is not unexpected. What is unexpected is that the Government of India is being blamed for holding up LIGO India.

American physics Nobelist David Gross visited India earlier this month and berated the Indian Government thus:

“India has explored many possibilities in last decade or so. Unfortunately even in the cases where fascinating new projects have been approved or are about to be approved, the tendency here to delay funding run into legal obstacles (which) has severely damaged the potential of such projects,” said Gross at Nobel Dialogue at Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit here.

He cited the Lego India Project and added that India was losing a marvelous opportunity due to “inexcusable’’ political and legal delay. “…the opportunities are there…China is seizing upon them in all aspects of basic science and India must rise with its ambitions for the benefit of India, for the benefit of science and for the benefit of the world and I strongly encourage and support such efforts.”

If LIGO India was going gangbusters and if it had the personal patronage of the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, why would the Government put the project on hold?

The only conclusion that makes sense is that the Indian Government is rethinking LIGO. A very wise and responsible thing to do.

If they maintain the hold until the 2017 Nobel Prizes are announced in fall, they will have the final piece of information they need. Remember the Ligonauts are the ones who made the Nobel Prize a touchstone, the essential imprimatur that must be stamped on the discovery.

The following and other indications suggest that LIGO is up for the Nobel Prize this year:

Ich war vorher am Massachusetts Institute of Technology bei Rainer Weiss, der hoffentlich in diesem Jahr den Nobelpreis für den Nachweis von Gravitationswellen bekommen wird.

LIGO: Instrument design philosophy

January 8, 2017

To this day there has not been any questioning of the LIGO discovery from within the mainstream physics community.

Internet criticisms of LIGO science can be divided into three categories:


– Questioning General Relativity;
– Questioning the existence or the properties of black holes;
– Questioning the existence or the properties of gravitational wave.


– Basic instrument “philosophy”;
– The execution of that philosophy;
– The functioning of the instrument;
– The instrument environment;
– Non-gravitational wave causes of simultaneous signals at two detectors;
– Non-gravitational wave causes of upchirp (increase in frequency with time of the signal).


– Questioning suspicious timings and coincidences and circumstances;
– Invoking sabotage, hacking, injecting of artificial signal etc;
– Conspiracy to report false discovery.

I have not been concerned with C, and I am not knowledgeable on A. So my own investigation concerns B.

While all criticisms have something useful to offer about one aspect or another of the LIGO science, in the end it all boils down to the fact that the instrument concept is inherently unsound at the very core, right off the bat. When this is realized, all other criticisms (including some of my own) become redundant.

So I want to rehash this point: The instrument “philosophy”. There are two clear reasons why this instrument should never have been developed.

The first one has been expressed succinctly by Professor Claes Johnson:

We see a combination of a biggest possible cause/input and a smallest possible effect/output in a certain mathematical model. The conclusion comes from using this mathematical model in inverse form, where a smallest possible signal is used to identify a biggest possible origin of the signal. This means that the mathematical model in inverse form is extremely ill-posed and as such cannot be used to draw conclusions.

What does an ill-posed mathematical problem mean in physics?

The first LIGO discovery saw the conversion of about three solar masses to gravitational wave energy. This energy was said to be near the high end of expected energy releases in the universe. The LIGO signal in this case was barely above the noise threshold.

The second event released about one solar mass and the signal was buried deep in the noise.

Recent improvement of about 25% in LIGO sensitivity was said to about all that can be done. This hardly changes anything.


Infinitely large explosions in the universe cause LIGO signals that are buried below the noise threshold or barely rise above it. This is the inherent nature of LIGO: An ill-posed physics problem.

Let E be the total energy released in a black holes merger (in Joules, say).

The total energy received by the LIGO “aperture” during the passage of the wavefront – which can be calculated from the strain signal observed – is infinitely small in comparison, as the Ligonauts have explained. Let us call this e (Joules).

So, for LIGO instrument design purposes,

e/E = 0.

This is true even if it is possible to write down an actual large number for E (e.g. 10**48 Joules) and an actual small number for e. Simply writing down a numerical value (ten to the power …) for what is essentially infinity, and one for what is essentially zero (in comparison) does not make infinity and zero tractable in instrument design.

By differentiating above equation:

Δe/ΔE = e/E = 0;

ΔE/Δe = E/e = ∞

Thus a measurement uncertainty Δe cannot be related to an uncertainty ΔE in the source.

So this is the imagery to carry in your mind: The sources release energies covering the whole expected range, but the needle of the LIGO meter remains stuck near the left in a grey-shaded band representing noise.

Conclusion: LIGO is not a proper scientific instrument.

The Ligonauts have tried deliberately to detract attention from the fact that they are dealing with infinity vis-a-vis zero, by plastering the world with fantastic but well-scripted stories about both the large end and the small end – making them each a finite concept.

On the source end the storyline is:

… this is the biggest explosion since Big Bang…

Since the (bogus) Big Bang explosion is something everyone knows to be hardcore reality, the black hole explosion is thus brought under the umbrella of quantitatively tractable phenomena.

On the detection end the storyline is:

… our technology is so advanced that we can measure displacements as small as 1/10,000-th of the proton diameter …

Since proton diameter is a known physics parameter, the zero is elevated to a finite, tractable context.

The Ligonauts are easily the most organized and the cleverest deceivers in the history of man. They have transformed today’s highly refined art of propaganda into a science. They can pass off total absurdity as an act of great genius.

The other instrument philosophy point is the invisible entanglement of the two mirrors. The two LIGO end mirrors are, by design, mechanically independent (isolated). They vibrate freely of each other. But when a gravitational wave passes through, the mirror motions become entangled. This is the effect of the gravitational wave, according to theory. This entanglement is what the LIGO instrument has to demonstrate as happening – first and foremost.

Instead, the Ligonauts assume in retrospect that the independent mirror motions must have suddenly changed to entangled mirror motion in the case of a ‘discovery’ wiggle. Some machine Manitou or Maxwell’s demon must have been sitting in there to synchronize the mirrors on cue at discovery time. This is ridiculous nonsense.

There is zero experimental evidence that the independent mirror motions suddenly experience an invisible – almost telepathic – entanglement at discovery time. This also means that there is zero experimental evidence that LIGO ever saw a gravitational wave.

Conclusion: LIGO is not a proper scientific instrument.

But now for a little levity. Just this last week Kip Thorne addressed a big conference in India. Here he escalated the linguistic bombast about LIGO. The title of his talk:

Exploring the universe with Gravitational Waves & Ultra precise technology

Ultra precise indeed!

Remember COBE’s 50 ppm accuracy and BICEP2’s seven sigma confidence level?

COBE and BICEP2 were worthless jalopies. So is LIGO.

Together they cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars. The Indian taxpayers are next in line to be led to the the American-style fleecing house that is being set up there.


January 2, 2017

[Sorry, tectonic misspelled in the graphic!]

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LIGO: Rainer’s other caper

December 31, 2016

Following the LIGO discovery especially, the American media (with the help of the follow-along world media) has expended enormous effort in promoting Rainer Weiss as an ubergenius-inspirer – a kind of Leonardo da Vinci, MacGyver and Anthony Robbins – all rolled into one.

Rainer scams at the highest level of sophistry – intellectual sophistry that is. But once you lay bare his stratagem, you find that underneath it all are just some age-old, tried-and-true maxims of everyday scammers.

If you were amazed by the LIGO “The fix is in” Scam, wait till you hear about his COBE “Bait-and-switch” Scam!

Rainer ran LIGO and COBE more or less in the same time-frame. Here is a snippet from the Wikipedia article on him:

He made pioneering measurements of the spectrum of the cosmic microwave background radiation, and then was co-founder and science advisor of the NASA COBE (microwave background) satellite…

Weiss also invented the interferometric gravitational wave detector, and co-founded the NSF LIGO (gravitational-wave detection) project.

Both of these efforts couple challenges in instrument science with physics important to the understanding of the Universe.

The LIGO “The fix is in” Scam

In a preceding post I described how one aspect of the multi-layer LIGO fraud can be described as a “The fix is in” scam.

LIGO detects gravitational wave the same way a magician with an ace of clubs up his sleeve catches an ace of clubs out of thin air.

The COBE “Bait-and-switch” Scam

One aspect of the multi-layer COBE Satellite fraud can be described as the “Bait-and-switch” scam.

The COBE Satellite radiation-collecting device was a precision designed conical-shaped horn that tapered from a circular aperture at the front to a smaller circular aperture at the back. The exact shape of the taper was designed from considerations of ray optics and electromagnetic theory. The radiation entered the instrument through the front aperture and emerged from the back aperture in a concentrated form, and was then incident on the interferometer face.

This horn and its design principles were described in great detail in many publications – some before the launch of the satellite and some after the great discovery of the Big Bang relic black body spectrum. This horn is the one the world knows about, to this day.

Now here is the exposed secret that the world does not know because the physics establishment-media axis does not tell them. This horn that was described in the literature was not the horn that actually flew on the satellite. The latter horn was scientifically completely different – physics-wise, electromagnetic theory-wise and optics-wise. There is no record of any kind in the scientific literature of how this “discovery” horn was designed, and as far as we can tell, it was totally untested and uncharacterized when it shot off for the wide blue yonder. The only record of this horn is a photograph in the dusty COBE Satellite archives.

That photograph suggests that the back end of the horn (the bottom end in the photo) has tapered to a rectangular cross-section. The photo contains some glare that is placed intentionally or unintentionally just right to create confusion as to whether this cross-section is rectangular or circular. Here is the full resolution photo from NASA.

John Mather the COBE optics designer baited and switched, and the watchdog Rainer Weiss participated and approved. They deceived the world in a royal way. Scientifically speaking, this discovery horn was a piece of crap and the satellite experiment was an unqualified disaster.

Why did they do this bait-and-switch with COBE? It’s anybody’s guess.

LIGO was a decades-long, thousand-man, billion dollar NSF fraud.

COBE was a decades-long, thousand-man, half-a-billion dollar NASA fraud.

Remember it this way:


Q: What do you call a physicist who believes LIGO made a discovery?
A: A believer.
Q: What do you call a physicist who believes LIGO did not make a discovery?
A: A physicist.

LIGO: Mistakes admitted, design change needed

December 18, 2016

Suddenly now, a new tune emerges! Remember that so far the world has been told that the LIGO discovery is 100.00% solid, that there is not an iota of doubt. We have heard of improvements being made to an already perfect LIGO instrument for even greater perfection.

But now a prominent US Ligonaut is speaking of mistakes with the US LIGO that will be corrected while building the Indian LIGO.

Also, so far we have been told that LIGO India will be an exact replica of the US LIGO. Suddenly we hear talk of “a different technology”! They are going to design a new LIGO India.

Given the supremely holy attitude of the Ligonauts, this is nothing less than a total about-face. There is a great deal that should be read into this:

“The need for an Indian LIGO is well justified. Each observatory is different and uses a different technology. We will put the mistakes of US detectors to rest while designing LIGO India. The country’s unique location will help detect gravitational sources more accurately,” said Rana Adhikari, a professor at California Institute of Technology, who is involved in the development of LIGO India.

Here, for comparison, is what the LIGO India plan was as recently as September:

The team currently operating the US detectors will provide the Indian researchers with the hardware for a complete LIGO interferometer that detects the wave signals; technical data on its design, installation and commissioning; and the training required to build and run the observatory. The Indian team will provide the site; all other infrastructure required to house and operate the interferometer; and the labor, materials, and supplies for installing, commissioning, and operating the detector. The plan is to have it operational by 2024.

So given this abrupt admission of mistakes by a senior LIGO scientist, what about the LIGO discovery?

Them Nobel folks have escaped narrowly by not awarding the prize this year. May be they have Professor Wolfgang Engelhardt to thank.

Now I would like to say something to the Indian physics community at large. This new song is yet another deception. There is nothing to fix in LIGO. It is a flawed instrument concept at the very basic level. The instrument philosophy conceived by Rainer Weiss is all wrong. And Rana Adhikari is a student of Rainer Weiss. Baap ka beta, Sipahi ka ghoda; Kuch aur nahi to thoda thoda.

I have explained the central fraud (fraud – not mistake!) with LIGO instrument many times in many ways. Let me try to pinpoint this again.

LIGO has two end mirrors whose axes are perpendicular to each other. The mirrors are not mechanically coupled in any way. Each vibrates independently depending on how it is actuated. That is a necessary principle of the instrument. If you tap one mirror in the back, it will oscillate but the other mirror will do nothing. Similarly, if a geomagnetic or seismic disturbance actuates LIGO, each mirror will vibrate depending on how it is actuated.

LIGO end mirrors

LIGO end mirrors

Now, the theory of gravitational wave says that if such a wave came down vertically (say) and hit LIGO, the two mirrors would be in an entangled mode of vibration. As one mirror moves in towards the corner of the L, the other mirror moves out. The “displacement” curves would be 180 degrees out of phase but otherwise synchronous, and equal in amplitude. This entangled mode of mirror vibration is the desired proof that a gravitational wave has passed through. This is what is to be observed. After this observation has been analyzed to establish the passage of a gravitational wave, the interference waveform between the two mirrors can be used to make inferences about the source of the gravitational wave.


BASIC OBSERVATION A: The displacement traces for the two mirrors, showing they are synchronous and 180 degrees out of phase, and have equal amplitudes. (This is the detection of gravitational wave.)

DEPENDENT OBSERVATION B: The interference wave between the two mirrors. (This, in conjunction with a source model, can be used to make inferences about the source of the wave.)


(1). LIGO dispenses with the Observing Step A, and simply preaches instead that the two mirrors are in entangled vibration. You are told to accept this as Received Truth.

(2). With this preaching, LIGO proceeds directly to the Observing Step B, and reports both the discovery of gravitational wave and its source mechanism.

Step 1 above is the fraud. It amounts to “fixing” the instrument in advance to guarantee the finding of gravitational waves. All they have to do is wait to observe the “right” kind of wiggle to show up that they can fit their source model to – a model that has great flexibility.

The fix is in! It’s in there!

Get out of the LIGO mess while you can! Don’t get pulled in deeper and deeper. If you want to do gravitational wave, do gravitational wave by all means. Start from scratch, conceive your own instrument, and for god’s sake, bring in the right people.