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April 12, 2017

So I have been going through my old files again. One interesting (to me anyway) bit turned up.

I had developed the “magnetohydroelectric (MHE) theory” to parallel magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). The latter takes place in a conducting fluid while the former takes place in a purely nonconducting fluid.

At the root of MHD is the well-known force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field. At the root of MHE is the conjectured force on a current-carrying dielectric in a magnetic field.

So I set out to demonstrate this conjectured force experimentally, initially referring to a solid dielectric. This work did not fit my job description, but I obtained permission to do this.

It was a most difficult experiment, but I think I was able to verify the effect quite convincingly.

However, the report could not be published. This was not because of any scientific reason. The journal thought the paper was not “mature”.

A fundamental result of basic electromagnetic theory could not be recorded.

So, before consigning the file to the trash can in the process of winding down my scientific life, I thought I would put this up here for anyone interested.


Why is Bibhas De so pissed off with the physics establishment?!

April 9, 2017

Part of the reason why I am so pissed off with the physics establishment is the following. I consider this collective scientific misconduct by the establishment. So, naturally, when they indiscriminately spawn scam science and fraud science and frou frou science or when they engage in group intellectual masturbation, I am predisposed to exposing them.

In the same timeframe as the above, this is what was going on:


So there you have it!

OFF TOPIC: A little physics history!

August 28, 2014

An almost faded out copy of a historical 1942 paper turned up! I suppose one could get a new copy by going to the original journal issue, but it is not so easy to find journals issues this old anymore. The reference is Nature 1942, 150, 405.

In this brief paper Hannes Alfvén discovered and laid down the foundation of the science of Magnetohydrodynamics. This subject concerns electromagnetic effects in a magnetized conducting fluid, and combines the complexities of electromagnetism and hydrodynamics. Thus, in short hand:

Electromagnetism + Hydrodynamics = Magnetohydrodynamics.

The British physicist Lord P. M. S. Blackett used to express this to his students as follows:

“Electromagnetism is difficult, hydrodynamics is very difficult, but magnetohydrodynamics is damn difficult.”

Hannes Alfvén’s 1942 discovery paper on Magnetohydrodynamics. This paper reports a form of waves in a conducting magnetized fluid that would later come to be known as Alfvén wave.

Hannes Alfvén’s 1942 discovery paper on Magnetohydrodynamics. This paper reports a form of waves in a conducting magnetized fluid that would later come to be known as Alfvén wave.


In the following 1979 paper I showed that, in principle, the theory of Magnetohydrodynamics need not be confined to a conducting fluid but could be generalized to any fluid at all: conducting, dielectric, conducting-dielectric.

Hannes Alfvén’s student Bibhas De generalized Magnetohydrodynamics to include dielectric fluids.

Hannes Alfvén’s student Bibhas De generalized Magnetohydrodynamics to include dielectric fluids.

Later I would suggest that this generalization can be taken one step even further to empty space, imagined as a fluid – and that there are tangible consequences of this.

COSMOLOGICAL REDSHIFT: Physics first, damn it!

May 13, 2014

Big Bang Cosmology is an error of history. Again and again, physicists did not do their job when they needed to, and that is how Big Bang has got so much out of hand. That is how today wild and crazy mathematicians spin wild and crazy theories, and wild and crazy experimenters confirm them with wild and crazy accuracies. And the world laps it all up. And nothing is ever retracted!

My specific idea below in this context may or may not be right. But then, step up to the plate, you vaunted theoretical physicists! Clean up your own mess. How much longer am I going to carry the burden of your failure to do the right thing?!

I have presented my idea of the basic physics cause of cosmological redshift before here, but now I present it in a new context: If the flight-time stretching of wavelength of light has already been accepted as a physics effect, why not first consider the physics cause of it? Why bypass physics and jump to the ad hoc Big Bang cause?

Cosmological redshift, Edwin Hubble, George Lemaitre, Hubble’s law, Big Bang Cosmology, expanding universe, stretching of space

Cosmological redshift, Edwin Hubble, George Lemiitre, Hubble’s law, Big Bang Cosmology, expanding universe, stretching of space


January 9, 2013

Cosmological Redshift in Big Bang Cosmology: A caveat

Cosmological Redshift in Big Bang Cosmology: A caveat
[Click here to see the background article]

My teacher Hannes Alfvén was not only right, but also prophetic in this statement he made some three decades ago. NASA Big Bang-ers and their cohort outside NASA today are doing some pretty weird pioneering physics, and nobelling on that to boot. For their own good, the physics establishment needs to crack down on the Big Bang-ers just as the medical establishment cracks down on quacks.

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Martinus Veltman was also right on the physics of Big Bang Cosmology

Physics Nobel Laureate Martinus Veltman was right on the physics of Big Bang Cosmology

LABORS OF HERCULES: Labors of Dreamheron

January 9, 2013

Labors of Bibhas De

Labors of Bibhas De


[1] The Magnesian Essence
[2] The Hypostyle Hall
[3] The Crests of Electra
[4] Philosophia Photon
[5] The Crocheted Dungheap
[6] The Scarlet Luminance
[7] Negotium Nostrum
[8] The Sverige Stain
[9] The Pendragon Deception



The Constructive Labors [Labors 1-4]: These complete the missing foundation of physics – the main vehicle of progress of modern civilization.

The Desctructive Labors [Labors 5-9]: These take down false edifices of the civilization that have been given epic historical status.


July 10, 2012

I have been doing some looking, and I find no evidence in history that cosmological redshift was ever examined as matter of basic physics of light by hardcore physicists.

And yet, that is the very first thing that needed to happen.

Also, redshift seems to be the norm of the universe. There are some examples of blueshift, but these seem to be pathological.

The prevalence of redshift and its interpretation as Doppler shift (and later, stretching of space) have resulted in the view of the exapanding universe. From that point on, the Big Bang Cosmologists have been gaming the system for nearly a century.

The Big Bang Cosmologists today sit in supreme confidence on a beautiful flying magic carpet of the Doppler expansion and under a showy umbrella of its verification by space age technology.

That umbrella I have taken away from them. Now perhaps it is time to pull the rug.

What if this redshift is explained within the foundation of physics, in the very nature of light?

What is special about light in the cosmological setting that we have not had reason to consider before?

It is this: A light field at the limit of infinite dilution (infinitely small energy density).

What happens to light then and why?

Something to think about for those with physics in the gut.

I have suggested some considerations here.

A LAYMAN’S GUIDE TO DREAMHERON: The accuser of Big Bang Cosmology establishment

March 28, 2012

April 5, 2012 will be exactly five years since Dreamheron’s exposing of the Big Bang Cosmology fraud, as personified by NASA’s John Cromwell Mather. Dreamheron will be preoccupied during that period and hence this advance fifth anniversary post.

Big Bang Cosmology today is a multi-billion dollar business – make no mistake about it. The taxpayers are at the same time the customers and the shareholders. How clever a scam is that?! Big Bang’s James Webb Space Telescope alone stands at between $10 – $20 billion. This is not an academic or “theoretical” issue. Those are real dollars! They are going to real pockets. Sure, some blameless people (engineers, technicians et al) are making a living, but that is not the whole story.

Do not labor under the old order that scientists are beyond reproach. Today they are doing especially bad things while remaining under the cover of that old order. With the help of a consciously complicit media which includes the likes of PBS and National Geographic.

What progress has Dreamheron made against such formidable odds? It is difficult to say.

On one hand, by all appearances, Mather is flying higher, faster, stronger.

On the other hand, two successive NASA Administrators have kept him confined to his pre-Nobel job status, a doghouse for him. Not even the phenomenal power groups arrayed behind Mather can change that situation.

On one hand, the Brotherhood of the Nobel has Mather’s back.

On the other hand, NASA and the Nobel Foundation are redefining his Nobel discovery on the sly to cover up the science fraud.

The Decline & Fall phase of a civilization is characterized by the forces of declivity gaining strength and upper hand.

At any rate, there is not much more that Dreamheron can do to slay this many-headed monster that is the Big Bang Cosmology establishment. No sooner is one head lopped off than two heads sprout. [No sooner were the past Big Bang Nobel Prizes dealt with than a new crop of Big Bang Nobels sprang up!]

John Mather has become a standard fixture in physics Inspirationfests. The young are gathered ostensibly to be inspired but they really serve as stage props for something else. Never has the world seen so much urgent desire in so many noble souls to jab so much inspiration into the young.

If this is not a sure sign of the decline and fall of the scientific civilization, what is?

The layman (meaning everyone other than the hardcore scientific experts) may find it curious how one insignificant person could have taken a position against the scientific establishments of the World, the US Government, the US Congress; and a host of World bodies that are feting Mather to high heaven at a high decibel level.

This must be a cuckoo that the above establishments are dismissing out of hand, the layman might quite reasonably think.

This is the impression many would like to propagate. This is not a good state for Dreamheron to leave things in!

So it is perhaps an unavoidable necessity at this terminal juncture to also educate the laymen a little on the accuser himself, Dreamheron.

big bang cosmology fraud
Big Bang Cosmology Fraud has been decades in the making.

COSMOLOGICAL REDSHIFT ALTERNATIVE: Spontaneous reddening of starlight

February 8, 2012

Big Bang Cosmology
Big Bang Cosmology
Big Bang Cosmology:
Getting back to the question of birth

The following rather expansive speculation concerns how the light from an astronomical object can spontaneously shift to lower frequencies during its travel through empty space.

Although the idea stems for me from my view of the photon, it may not be crucially dependent on that view.


Let us discuss the optical region of the spectrum, and for clarity, let us discuss light of a “single” frequency ν. If a star has a spectral luminosity L_ν, then the intensity of this light at a distrance R from the star is I_ν:

I_ν = L_ν /4π R**2 (1)

The spectral energy density u_ν at this location due to the star is

u_ν = I_ν /c, (2)

c being the velocity of light.


The photon in my view has a size (just physical size). The photon is a structure made of magnetic field in empty space, and this structure at a given frequency is defined by an inverse length parameter α. I will now say that the length is typically the wavelength λ (~ 1/α ~ c/ν). So – not surprisingly – the photon occupies a volume of the order V ~ λ**3. By superposition, the same volume of course can simultaneously be occupied by an unlimited number of photons in a continuum of frequencies.


I am also interested in how the photons constitute light (the way – as a very simplistic example – vehicles constitute a convoy). I believe there is some type of a linkage in the sense of classical physics, but I have no specific ideas in this regard thus far. For now just accept this proposition which should not be found too objectionable: Whatever the photon-makeup of light is, it must always hold for ligh to remain light. If adjacent vehicles in a convoy move a mile apart, then it is no longer a convoy.


When the distance R equals R_ν, a distance so large that

u_ν Δν V ~ h ν, (3)

i.e, the stellar energy available in the volume occupied by the photon is the same as the photon energy hν, a critical juncture is reached. At greater distances there is not enough energy available for photons to exist in a connected continuum. The light-photon linkage fails when the intensity falls below a threshold.


The bandwidth Δν which we are forced to introduce above is in fact exactly what is called for from any view of the photon as a free-standing magnetic structure. Consider (in principle) translating such an isolated structure at the velocity c past a light detector connected to a suitably fast oscilloscope. Then an electromagnetic pulse will be recorded – a pulse which begins at zero amplitude and ends in zero amplitude. When this time-domain pulse is fed to a spectrum analyzer or is digitally transformed, one obtains its corresponding frequency spectrum. This gives the dominant frequency ν and the badwidth Δν.


Driven by the light-photon linkage “mechanism” the light spontaneously moves to lower frequencies and maintains the condition (3). I cannot see that this is forbidden in Electromagnetic Theory. This process need not violate any conservation laws – when integrated over a large volume.

So past R_ν, light from a star begins to redden, and any obsever at a distance greater than this will see this “reddening” of light. Such reddening clearly would be detectable only with reference to spectral lines of known original frequencies.


January 4, 2012

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The scientific civilization at crossroads
The Foundation is the Frontier