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PHYSICS WHYS: Stephens Two

February 12, 2020

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Intellectual Effluent Disposal Service

February 5, 2020

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Physics funding going forward

February 2, 2020

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Here are some of my old graphics on this topic:



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OMG! Shep Doeleman fabricated data to make black hole image!

January 26, 2020

Here is the link to the Robitaille video.

Data fabrication is a form of science fraud. Science fraud conducted with government money is a crime in US law.

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Will Dan put up or shut up?

January 3, 2020

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Decade-end science message for the world

December 22, 2019

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Yuri Milner celebrates M87 Black Hole photo fraud

November 9, 2019

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Breakthrough Prize 2020: Black Hole Photography

September 11, 2019

When France Cordova rolled out the NSF Black Hole photo, I was on travel. I read about it, but I did not have a whole lot of direct interest in this. When I returned and read about it some more, I found that, right off the bat, Stephen Crothers had declared this discovery a fraud. So I decided to look further into it from an instrumental and observational standpoint. It was a total fraud.

The repeated and emphatic award of the Breakthrough Prize for high profile physics frauds – backed by Edward Witten and his cohort – makes this prize a scourge upon our scientific civilization.

Go to the Casebook Download Central (see right panel) to read the following Casebook.


Q: What is the most fruitful area of physics in future?

August 15, 2019

Young student asks: What is the most fruitful discipline of physics I should train myself in?

Dreamheron answers: Waste Management. Take out the trash.

Student: Will I get a Breakthrough Prize for this?

Dreamheron: Not as long as Yuri listens to Edward.

Student: But will I get NSF funds?

Dreamheron: Not as long as France is in charge.

Student: What will I gain in the end?

Dreamheron: The knowledge that you have given the society something back.

Student: Can you give me an example of the person to follow?

Dreamheron: Stephen Crothers.

What will trigger the next growth spurt in physics?

July 3, 2019