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Why is NASA’s fraud Nobelist John Mather invincible?

March 5, 2020

(Recycling a couple of old graphics):

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Evil doctors – in fiction and in real life

February 8, 2020

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Physics funding going forward

February 2, 2020

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Here are some of my old graphics on this topic:



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Will Dan put up or shut up?

January 3, 2020

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Delving the roots of epidemic physics corruption worldwide

December 29, 2019

The culture of fraud in making grander and grander physics discoveries – which started decades ago – is epidemic today. Somebody needs to write a Walter Isaacson-sized tome on this subject. It will be a most valuable sourcebook for the posterity. But I am not going to write this book. So the project is open for the taking.

Many lines of gigantic physics frauds engulfing the world today – when traced backward in time – converge in Princeton. The asymptotic freedom fraud, the Big Bang fraud, the LIGO fraud – they all have historical roots in Princeton.
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Hannes Alfven had it exactly right. He is the one who tried to transform cosmology into science. And yet, he is the one the Swedish Coffee Guy Ulf Danielsson of Uppsala University trashed to give the Nobel Prize to James Peebles of Princeton for doing that transformation. James Peebles is a fraud.
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David Gross and Frank Wilczek never had any discovery. This fact can be understood by any scientist in any field. And yet, today they are ruling the discovery roost.
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Decade-end science message for the world

December 22, 2019

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Big Bang is pseudoscience

December 18, 2019

Big Bang : Physics = Homoeopathy : Medicine

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The following document had been available for four years when the Nobel Prize was given to James Peebles for Big Bang. This is why everyone should realize that the Physics Nobel Prize Committee has become totally reckless. There cannot have been any scientific deliberation of any kind. There is just an agenda. This is how the ludicrous prizes in 2017 and 2019 were possible.


Proof of transatlantic collusion in Big Bang fraud

October 21, 2019

Get a load of this!

They are trying to deep-six their crime (phenomenal discovery of cosmic black-body radiation) and to proceed with a laundered story. This story is that the microwave radiation on which they base everything is “thermal background radiation.” The problem here is that it is not. We know that between the Penzias-Wilson frequency regime and the Smoot-Mather frequency regime, there is a frequency region in which there is no background radiation (see Paris Herouni discovery below). So the microwave radiation observable has an unknown and irregular spectrum, with power levels perhaps orders of magnitude below the 2.7 K level.

It is NOT thermal radiation – not in any sense of physics.

This is why I am telling you repeatedly that this whole string of impressive Big Bang justification – CMB, anisotropy, inflation, power spectra, acoustic peaks, nucleosynthesis … – is compounded fraud. I would not listen to anything any of them says to convince you otherwise. The fraud is clear and provable in a court of law. It is also criminal fraud in US law because it has been conducted with government money.

The Nobel Prize to Peebles aids, abets and glorifies a crime against the US.


Peebles award is not Nobel Foundation’s private business

October 20, 2019

There was time a traveler simply walked into the airport building, and walked on to his plane. Security checks were not even known. All that changed. Those days will never come back again. What happened? Terrorism against populace.

There was a time science was science. If mistakes were found – by whomever – the community pitched in to set things right. Those days are gone. What happened? Institutionalized science fraud.

Folks, do not be like those German villagers with only a mild curiosity about the funny-smelling smoke coming out of the tall chimneys. The only difference is, it is happening now in the intellectual arena where inconvenient truth is being burned. It was Germans then. It is Swedes now. Does that make it acceptable?

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Big Bang dissidents: League of extraordinary gentlemen

October 17, 2019

Folks, if you are put off by my uncouth aggressiveness, there is some history you need to take into account. For decades, fine scientists have been trying to stop Big Bang with polite gentlemanly discourse. Not only did they not gain any ground, but with each fraud the Big Bang-ers got away with, Big Bang’s strength increased, its tribe increased. Today they are as invincible as Stadtsicherheitdienst. No amount of scientific argument and no strength of scientific argument have any effect on them. Why? Because they have political power, media power and government power.

One by one, the dissidents have died – with the despairing knowledge that the evil could not be subdued. Those who are still living have gone silent, perhaps out of a sense of futility.

The league of extraordinary gentleman did not stand a chance. Nor do the good citizens of the world, watching their money earned with the sweat of their brow going to finance this orgiastic bacchanalia.

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