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February 22, 2010

Manned space flight, suborbital flight, return to the Moon, man on Mars, preferred space vehicle etc – all these hot issues you are reading about today are secondary issues. The real underlying issue is known to the NASA leadership, the White House and the US Congress: The quality of NASA as an organization has fallen far below anything even remotely acceptable. But for various reasons nobody wants to talk about this. So they are pretending to be fighting a battle over some surface issues.

See what company today’s NASA can be justifiably placed in.
This is the end result of an ingrown culture of decades.
Wall Street, Main Street, NASA, Nigeria – all evolved to produce their own scammers.
NASA outdid them all.
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Look at who should not be yapping sanctimoniously about NASA.
The US Congressional NASA Oversight people are part of the problem that needs to be reformed. That includes Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN).
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And here is one more thought I leave you with – think well on it: Today there is tremendous heated debate going on at the national level on whether space flight should be privatized or NASA should be in control. This is really a pointless debate because space flight technology has always been developed by outside contractors anyway. NASA only manages. Thus the real debate is about whether the NASA gravy boat should continue. There was that one time that technology was proudly and loudly developed by NASA inhouse! What was it? The COBE Satellite. What is the COBE Satellite? The greatest fraud in recorded history – as I have described above.



September 12, 2009

Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator

You were chosen to lead NASA after unusually lengthy deliberation by the White House. NASA was at critical crossroads and needed strong and decisive and visionary leadership.

The first and the most important and the most urgent matter on your plate was the matter of the NASA fraud: A fraud perpetrated upon the World utilizing the full faith and credit of NASA, and a fraud perpetrated against the Swedish Nobel Prize organization. NASA has defiled that noble, time-honored institution built upon the accumulated accomplishments of fine men and women over a hundred years. It is a fraud that undermines the very core purpose and the fundamental goal of NASA: To develop knowledge of the space around us.

In importance, it is a matter far above what the human space flight commission has been so visibly considering lately.

Here is the simplest of the simple ground truths: The scientific community has feted John Mather around the World with an orgy-like fervor. Today, can you find one single scientist anywhere that will certify to you in writing – and on penalty of dismissal from his job – that he has understood the John Mather experiment fully and testifies that there is nothing to my allegation? The answer is No.

This community today knows that Mather’s discovery is fraudulent, but is keeping mum about it. That is why their burden has been shifted to your shoulders.

What has happened since you took office? The central fraudster, John Cromwell Mather of the Goddard Space Flight Center, has come out of the doghouse (see below) and flourished. He has gained new strength under your watch. He is using NASA web pages and NASA videolink to re-launch himself. Some people inside NASA, your employees, are clearly helping Mather in this process. They are aiding and abetting the science fraud. These people need to be let go from NASA.

In the summer of 2009, many bright kids from around the World were placed in NASA’s care. John Mather selected twelve of these interns, and branded them with his own name (“John Mather Nobel Scholars”.) Did NASA protect these innocent kids from being thus forever scarred? Why does NASA allow Mather to use its fertile premises to recruit a cadre of bright, wide-eyed young people who would carry his name forth in the World? I mean, who the heck is minding the store, General?

Mather is now spreading his dark wings – like Dracula’s cloak – over the World again: Italy, India, Russia … Not content with giving commencement homilies to America’s young, he is bringing inspiration to the young people of foreign lands. What kind of an American export is this, with the NASA logo emblazoned on it?

[Photo: K. V. Srinivasan, courtesy: The Hindu]
Using NASA’s worldwide videolink, John Mather inspires India’s young, who listen “awestruck”

NASA fraud is again alive and well and flourishing. Under your watch.

And as if all these were not bizarre enough, this science fraudster has been kept at the scientific helm of the next generation telescope. Why? So that he can defraud the World again? What possible excuse can there be for this grotesque situation? Who is responsible for keeping the fox in charge of the henhouse?

Following this example of NASA, we could take Bernie Madoff out of the slammer and place him in charge of the financial recovery.

Michael Griffin, former NASA Administrator

John Mather was put in the doghouse by your predecessor Michael Griffin. As a scientist and an engineer, Griffin is nobody’s fool. He has more paper qualifications than most academics. He understood the fraud as I explained it, and so he did not have to ask for the scientific community’s opinion. More importantly, however, he did not choose to look the other way like all bureaucrats do. He acted with swiftness and severity. He demoted Mather – not too gently – from the third highest level in NASA to his pre-Nobel job at Goddard. Griffin did not fear any pro-Mather revolution from the mighty academic community. And indeed, this community meekly accepted this drastic fall of their Superhero.

Michael Griffin showed science savvy. He showed engineering mettle. He showed leadership quality. And above all, he showed what leadership responsibility is. He took “executive action.”

It seems to me that Griffin left before he could fully address this matter, and as a result, Mather remained in charge of the James Webb Space Telescope. It fell on you to deal with this.

What have you shown thus far? Nothing that I can see. And don’t say that it takes time. Michael Griffin showed that it does not take time to right a wrong. Any leader in such circumstances who says it takes time is someone who is shirking responsibility or playing politics or maintaining status quo or listening to bad advice and accepting butt-covering explanations. That is no way to lead.

The World knows about the NASA fraud. From Tuktoyuktuk to Antananarivo, from Krasnoyarsk to Kalimantan, the World knows. And this I accomplished without the scientific establishment and in spite of the scientific establishment. Without the Media and in spite of the Media. This matter ain’t gonna go away, Gen. Bolden.

As I see it now, it has been a bad mistake to let Michael Griffin go, even considering his controversial stances.

But, I would like to be proved wrong. Soon.

The first thing you need to do is to bust the John Mather protection racket wide open. It exists within NASA, outside NASA, in the Capitol Building and in the Ivory Tower. So now you know what you are up against. You also know that your predecessor was unafraid. And he was never a combat pilot.


September 11, 2009


It now seems that the high profile Rimini Meetings (backed by the Catholic Church) were only the first in a new wave of such efforts where John Mather will be gradually brought back to his old glory. No one has addressed the issue of his gigantic science fraud in public, and he is on his way to be restored to his original name and fame. The World has not seen such grand deception in its entire history.

Reader, note the following:

First, have no doubt on this score: John Mather is a science fraud and his discovery is fraudulent. I could not have said this if it were not true. Following the departure of the former Administrator Michael Griffin, NASA has engaged in a systematic cover-up of this fraud. This cover-up has picked up new strength since the new NASA Administrator Gen. Charles Bolden and Deputy Adminstrator Lori Garver (an Obama confidante) came to power. This matter is in plain evidence.

Charles Bolden and Lori Garver
Have they joined the John Mather protection detail?

Second, the World’s mighty power brokers that have lined up behind Mather as his protection racket could – with far less effort – shut me down if they had any scientific leg to stand on. But they don’t. So, these people have chosen to deflect public attention away from the fraud by shining bright strobe lights on Mather. That is the spectacle you are watching.

Third, if all these academic organizations involved are so hot on Mather, why doesn’t one of them offer him a high chair in its own house and thus rescue him from his current grossly humiliating situation at NASA? The answer is to be found in the Jewish proverb: The innkeeper loves a drunkard, but not for a son-in-law.

[And indeed, why has not NASA – while giving him surreptitious help by letting him use their web pages and their modern worldwide video conference link for his revival – given him any advancement in official rank because of his Nobel Prize? Most incredibly, three years on since the announcement of his Nobel Prize, Mather remains the plain old scientific employee that he was before his Nobel Prize. He has not been given the smallest little ort because of his Prize. Think about that!]

The victim of these scamming intellectual “Nigerians” is always the hapless public, especially the American taxpayers. If Gen. Mbwana Mbogus, Nigerian Army (ret.) wants your bank account number, these people want the password to your vault that houses your second most valuable asset called Honesty. They are pilfering it away for sure, my friends! Slowly slowly.

And they also got the charge of your first most valuable asset: Your brood. What are they doing to your young’uns? When you gonna wake up?

The next event in the grand revival festival is at the vaunted Yale University. They have chosen to give John Mather very high profile feting by selecting him to present their prestigious Leigh Page Prize Lecture series.

(“Light and Truth” indeed!)

Simultaneously, NASA’s long-frozen web page JOHN MATHER::SPEAKING SCHEDULE has been brought to life again – a veritable shrine to the great man’s feting by the World. Here you can see what other organizations are participating in this grossly dishonest and dishonorable program to cover up a science fraud. This official web page is also evidence that NASA is participating in this revival.


In the face of this high power revival festival, I am not making much progress in bringing this fraud to scientific justice, and I am not getting any help from any quarters. The World has run out of honest physicists. So I simply place things on record – that is all I can do. On 11 September 2009, I sent the following email to the President of Yale University:



Dear Sir:

I notice that your physics department is honoring in a very big way NASA Nobel Laureate John Mather, who has been invited to present the Leigh Page Prize Lecture series.

John Mather is the greatest science fraud in history, and your physics department is well aware of this allegation.

You could ask NASA about this allegation. See what happens.

Be advised that in the three years since Mather’s Nobel Prize announcement, he has not been given any advancement in his official standing at NASA. He remains at his pre-Nobel rank.

Recently, twelve young students were awarded the “John Mather Nobel Scholarship.” This announcement has been met with the silence of the graveyard. Not one of the awardees, nor any of their home institutions, has publicly acknowledged receiving this honorific. In the past year, in contrast, there was great fanfare. It seems that these young’uns have better sense than your physics faculty.

In view of the above, it seems to me that in the interest of the greater good of your fine organization, you could ask to receive written assurances from your physics department that there is nothing to this allegation. See what happens. My sense is that a few people are promoting their personal agenda at the cost of your organization.

If you would like to read the long-standing, unrefuted and unopposed public fraud allegation, here is the link:


You would be on better footing if your economics department were honoring Bernie Madoff.

At any rate, this also to inform you that I will induct Yale University into my widely read


Sincerely yours,



Yale university glorifies science fraud
(Click to enlarge: In this poster, the satellite experiment was defective and the blackbody curve was fraudulent – and Yale knew all this.)


A serious public allegation is made against your organization: You are knowingly grooming a science fraud. You can respond to this at any length, or as briefly as “Your allegation against John Mather is baseless.” Simply send me a subscribed objection to this post and I will publish it prominently here below, exactly and in toto:

(Reader, I have communicated this challenge to the Yale Physics Chairman by email on 12 September 2009. Please check back for a response below!)



August 10, 2009


LAUNCH SITE: Rimini, Italy
LAUNCH PAD: “Rimini Meetings”
LAUNCH DATE: August 26, 2009
LAUNCH TIME: Countdown starts at 5 pm local time.
PRESENT STATUS: All systems go.

A completely made over John Mather discovery will be launched.

Folks, I know I joke around a lot, but I am also damn serious. This business is so dishonest and dishonorable and such high level people are engaging in this dishonest and dishonorable conduct that if you wish to touch it, humor is the only pair of prophylactic rubber gloves you have.

This is another post in the public interest – that interest which is being blatantly betrayed by the officialdom and the intellectualdom and the world media.

I have already shown you how NASA carried out a systematic and diabolically clever campaign to cover up the gigantic fraud and remake John Mather’s discovery. Again and again I have provided hard, incontrovertible evidence. And I have told you when the metamorphosis was complete. Now the next step: The launching of the metamorphosed discovery.

Now, let us recall: What was the earthshaking contribution of the COBE Satellite? It was the blackbody form of the cosmic background radiation, pinned down to 50 ppm accuracy. This is what ushered in the age of precision cosmology, accoding to the Nobel givers. This was the legendary, phenomenal, John Mather discovery – unparalleled in human history. Many NASA official web pages (some now sanitized, some still standing) have proclaimed that this discovery of the blackbody form by the COBE Satellite is what confirmed the Big Bang Theory to “extraordinary accuracy.”

Let us look at the announcement of this upcoming launch. NASA has cleverly arranged things so that nobody in the English-speaking world will take great notice of this and so make trouble. For everything is in Italian! Sneaky sneaky! But, reader, not to worry. I will explain the gist of it.

From this 2008 Rimini Meeting photo, you can see the kind of exposure NASA’s madeover John Mather will get

The Rimini Meetings appear to be a very distinguished, high profile affair held in a vacation paradise. John Mather will adorn the halls sanctified by past attendees: Two Popes, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa… These Meetings also appear to have strong religious (or spiritual?) undertones, so that speaking there may place one on a hallowed plane. The idea at the 2009 Rimini Meeting is that a spiritually fired-up John Mather on the stage will bring to a hushed, expectant World the glorious intimation of that rarest of rare experience granted to the choicest of choice human being in the annals of the mortals: The inner joy of scientific discovery!

Perhaps John Mather will emulate the style of the fine orator Brother Joel Osteen.

Sometimes I just cannot believe that this Bizarro World circus is still unfolding on the World stage – more than two years after I dispatched that fraudulent discovery. But when I pinch myself, I find I am wide awake.

[Suggestion for the 2010 Rimini Meetings: Invite Mr. Bernard Lawrence Madoff to exalt on the rare joy of innovative creation of wealth. He is currently a guest of the United States Government, in a Guesthouse called Supermax.]

The 2009 Rimini Meeting theme which John Mather will elaborate

The carefully chosen launch image
Nessun problema! Mafish mushkila! Hakuna matata!

You can view the above image and read the announcement here.

The session that will feature John Mather is called THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE OF DISCOVERY. The announcement piece says that when John Mather thinks of his own discovery experience, he goes all verklempt.

Then the interviewer asks him: This is not the first Nobel for cosmic background radiation. How is your Nobel discovery different from the previous ones?
[Lei non è il primo scienziato che abbia ricevuto il Nobel per gli studi sulla radiazione cosmica di fondo. Può spiegarci perché il vostro Nobel è diverso dai precedenti?]

John Mather replies: The key discovery of the COBE Satellite is that the cosmic background radiation is homogeneous, as predicted by the Big Bang Theory; and yet there is an anisotropy, (as predicted by the Big Bang Theory.)
[Cobe ha fornito un elemento-chiave : la radiazione cosmica di fondo è assolutamente omogenea, come vuole il modello del Big Bang, eppure contiene delle anisotropie,…]

The rest of the interview is all about Mather glorying in lofty language.

And here is another aspect of the makeover. Only recently, under a legal umbrella, Mather washed his hands off his own discovery, saying that it was no big deal. He said what he discovered was already established when he was a college kid (see my post of August 5, 2009.) Basically he was trying to say, it seems, that the fraud was inconsequential (Why make such a big deal of the planted golve?) But now, in this revival arena, he turns around and says something like this: A large team of workers got together to do what has never been done before, in order to discover that which has never been discovered before…

[“Tutti insieme sono riusciti a realizzare qualcosa che non era mai stato realizzato prima, per scoprire ciò che prima non era mai stato conosciuto.]

Well has the greatest discoverer of all times past recognized the need for issuing languistic flair that has the potential of becoming the greatest quotes of all times future.

This should leave no doubt that what we are looking at is the launching of Mather to his full previous glory. They are not giving up anything, just remaking everything after legally covering their butts. Here is nothing less than the A Team of image makeover at work.

Le Plan Diabolique:

Official Nobel citation in 2006:
… for [his] discovery of the blackbody form …of the cosmic microwave background radiation…

Citation as reengineered by NASA in 2009:
… for his mapping the cosmic microwave background radiation…


(Your taxes hard at work)

Please note that this repackaging of the greatest science fraud in human history into a great science genius is taking place as an official government plan, with your money, under the very nose of (if not at his instruction) the new NASA Administrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden, an Obama appointee. The Italians are probably unwitting participants in this diabolic scheme.

They wasted your money on an incompetent design of a satellite experiment on which – by Mather’s own bragging – a thousand scientists, engineers and technicians worked for many years. Other expenses aside, just imagine the man-hours! Then they committed science fraud to cover up the bad science. Then they spent your money in deep-sixing the fraud when it was exposed from outside. Now they are spending your money in regrooming Mather. As the singer asked: “When you gonna wake up?”

Folks, us middle-class taxpayers ain’t gonna be able to whoop it up in Rimini this summer. So let us be content with this photo:


Let’s just look at the picture and eat a little pasta.

The John Mather matter is no longer an academic or scientific one. There can be little doubt at this stage that he is being shielded by person or persons in high positions of power. Such persons are more likely to be in the government or in politics. However, sooner or later, such rackets end – and the people are exposed for who they are.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.
What role is he playing?

Yo, Gen. Bolden, wassup? Please to read Rimini proverb:

Chi fabbrica vicino alla strada, ha molti sindicatori.
He who builds by the roadside has many surveyors.

Or, at any rate, one surveyor.


July 8, 2009

Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be NASA scientists

Having rescinded and then redefined John Mather’s fraudulent discovery by reengineering the language, NASA is now proceeding to rehabilitate and re-launch Mather.

More than two years after his fraud with the COBE satellite data was exposed, NASA resumes its promotion of John Mather. The following is the announcement of a US Government production they just released (18 June 2009), starring Mather who explains – what else? – the beauty of satellite data. (Kind of like Bernie Madoff teaching fiscal responsibility.)

[podcast] Making Data Beautiful
Click to listen! (7MB MP3, right-click to save)
Transcript (Text, PDF)

To kick off our special summer series about data, we interviewed 2006 Nobel Laureate John Mather about the importance of imagery in communicating science and sharing data with the public. More than just “pretty pictures,” data can be used to tell a story and explain the mysteries of the cosmos. Not every piece of data would be considered a work of art, but the information contained is at the very heart of NASA science.

Working with COBE and the James Webb Space Telescope, Dr. Mather is no stranger to the power of data and the importance of scientific imagery. We got the scoop on how data is used in communication and why every bit of data is beautiful in its own way.

John Mather seems to be going great guns again, and NASA PR sites have started humming his praise after a long hiatus. In a Press Release dated July 1, 2009, this is what they say:

In 2006, both he and George Smoot at the University of California, Berkeley, Calif., shared the Nobel Prize in Physics. They won for their work on NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer, a satellite that mapped radiation emitted when the universe was less than 400,000 years. The mission created the first-ever “baby picture” of the cosmos.

This is of course a cleverly-worded sham. It avoids saying what Mather discovered, and leaves the reader with the clear impression that Mather and Smoot together mapped the universe. This is a deliberate and false impression in an official Government statement.

Mather’s summer lecture circuit seems to be hotting up. He has become quite the motivational speaker to America’s young’uns. He just gave the commencement address in behalf of NASA in the Loudon County (VA) School System. Recently he gave the commencement address at the University of Maryland.

In fact, Johh C. Mather has become so noticeable in the graduation circuit that his name is being listed by Washington Post right alongside the FLOTUS, a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and other prominent individuals at this level.

And he will be featured as a NASA scientist at a job fair to inspire young postdocs:

“His experience, wisdom, and advice will be of great benefit to the attendees…”

Let us see how far NASA’s corruption goes in its unchecked campaign of inspiring America’s fine young generation with the example of their fraud scientist. Don’t forget that this ‘inspiration’ has spread internationally, and kids in India have been sumptuously treated to it. Let us also see if anyone acts to put an end to this endless nightmare, even if at this late date.

In twenty-first century America, in full view of

– the World citizens
– The “Change-you-can-believe-in” White House
– the US Government
– the US Congress
– the World scientific establishment
– the World media,

NASA, the highest technology organization in history, is blatantly feting the greatest science fraud in history – year after year after year. Gosh, NASA has kept their charade alive longer than Norman Bates kept his.

Bates Motel – they have vacancy!
Guests go in vertical, come out horizontal.
Something’s rotten in the basement.

NASA – they have vacancy!
Yours kids go in wide-eyed, come out scarred.
Something’s rotten on the 9th floor.

There’s the Braver New World for you. Otherwise known as The Age of Fakery.

Take a good look at this guy. His name is Chris Scolese. He runs NASA. The deep-sixing of the Mather fraud and the rehabilitation and re-launching of Mather occurred, and are occurring, on his watch. His predecessor, Michael Griffin, tried to address the problem by containing Mather in the doghouse. Scolese took Mather out of the doghouse, and is re-grooming him and re-launching him upon the World.

Poor Jan Hendrik Schoen! Poor Victor Ninov! As a German proverb has it: We hang little thieves, and take off our hats to great ones.

There’s nothing more left to say, really.

Except this fair warning: Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be NASA scientists.


June 2, 2009

NASA’s own experiment strongly debunks the fraudulent discovery of John Mather, but scientists cover up:

Quite understandably, the World thinks that NASA’s physics today is at the same level of quality as NASA’s technology – the highest of hightech. The truth be told, there is a profound disconnect. The technology is first rate, the physics is fourth rate.

As to the technology, the real heavy lifting is done not by NASA, but by the private sector companies. NASA merely provides oversight – and this is often not of high quality. NASA Managers are often doddering idiots who do not have Clue One as to what it is they are evaluating. The aerospace industry, electronics indistry, satellite communication industry etc make NASA that great technological success it is today.

As to physics (including astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology), in the name of doing great science, great moneys are being poured down the drains of the outer space by inept and/or crafty individuals (the so-called “NASA Scientists”.) I have demonstrated this earlier very clearly with hard evidence. Here is yet one more demonstration with similar hard evidence. You should now begin to see an unmistakable pattern.

[There was that one time though that NASA decided to show the World that they can do the science and the engineering inhouse if only they want to. What project was this? One guess is all you need.]

In January 2009 NASA scientists and their academic collaborators announced an Earth-shaking discovery from a balloon-borne experiment called ARCADE. Basically, they reported two results:

A. The galactic microwave background radiation is 5 – 10 times more powerful than previously believed. This result surprised the scientific community out of their skin!

“ARCADE has detected a radio background much brighter than expected. The detected background is 5 to 10 times too bright to be explained as the combined emission from distant radio galaxies.”

B. They once again confirmed their NASA colleague John Mather’s Nobel-winning Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum (CMB) using an instrument called FIRAS.

Here bogus science is being used to corroborate science fraud. The background papers here are so bad that I do not know where to begin. Let me just give a sample of how ‘hand-waving’ is used where solid numerical analysis and quantitative modeling are called for. They jawbone away the most crucial scientific evaluations, and then they insist on phenomenal accuracy of their result:

“Could the detected signal be in error? The thermal gradient in the ARCADE 2 calibrator is an obvious source of concern for systematic errors. However, the gradient is well sampled and the uncertainties associated with the calibrator thermal state are included in the ARCADE 2 uncertainties. Furthermore, the bulk of the gradient is concentrated at the tips of the cones. The skin depth for absorption within the calibrator is a function of frequency: the high frequency channels preferentially sample the tips and the outer surface of the absorber cones, while the 3 GHz channels samples the entire absorber volume….”

The sentence “the bulk of the gradient is concentrated at the tips of the cones” is as hilarious in a physics paper as Texasspeak would be in Jane Austen. But seriously, such loose talk which this class of papers is replete with, immediately tells you something about the level of science here.

A calibrator – especially one in a space experiment where you have no continued control – is your home truth, your anchor, your security blanket. If its properties are not tied down completely in stark numerical terms, if you have to use William F. Buckley-style linguistic flair to explain away scientific concerns about it, then you are not doing science. You should not have done this experiment in the first place. You ain’t got what it takes.

These “concerns” that now arise while writing up your paper were completely foreseeable and should have been considered while designing the experiement.

Here is another gem of fine logic. They are claiming to corroborate Mather’s fraudulent data, and then turning around and saying that Mather’s data support their results!

“The agreement between the high frequency channels and the FIRAS CMB temperature argues against any undetected systematic error associated with the thermal gradients within the calibrator.”

In the following are shown a summary of the ARCADE results and the telltale CMB Spectrum. The former is being said to corroborate the latter.

ARACADE results comparing the measurement data (red dots) with expectation (green dashed line), and with Mather’s Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum (black dashed line – enlarge to see.)

The Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum as verified by different experiments in different regions of frequency.

(Click to enlarge)

Now look at the ARACADE diagram. At around 3 GHz, it is said that the discrepancy between the expectation (the green dashed line) and the actual observation (red data point) is a most surprising factor of 5 – 10. This huge discrepancy is the Earth-shaking discovery!

Given this discrepancy scale, what is the discrepancy between the Mather result (black dashed line) and the ARCADE data (red dots) at the frequencies 30 GHz and 90 GHz – the frequencies where the two experiments can be reasonably compared?

[Do not go by the temperature scale on the ordinate of the ARCADE Diagram. This is a very deceptive presentation. It is completely ludicrous to say – as the ARACADE diagram and the associated text in the paper :

“The ARCADE 2 data alone show an extragalactic rise of 50 +/- 7 mk at 3.3 GHz in addition to a CMB temperature of 2.730 +/- .004 K.”

suggests – that space is characterized by a temperature that varies with frequency. I am beyond my wit’s end to understand how a multiple-author paper ladles up such physics oxdung.

Think only in terms of factors of discrepancy between Mather data and the ARCADE data. If a factor of 5 – 10 is an Earth-shaking discrepancy, how is the discrepancy between Mather and ARCADE a corroborating ‘agreement’?]

Get the picture?

Engineers have a joke about pecil-whipping the test data into spec. For NASA scientists, as I have shown you repeatedly, this fictional pencil-whipping is actual jawboning. And the spec is the Cosmic Blackbody. Whatever they do however they do whenever they do, everything ends up confirming the bogus 2.7 K Cosmic Blackbody.

If the ARACDE experimental numbers are good, then they most emphatically give the lie to the Mather discovery. And yet, the scientists are reporting a conclusion that is the exact opposite.

Incompetent editors and incompetent referees are letting such stuff into print, and then these acquire the force of ordained truth. What all this is proving is that we are smack in the middle of the Age of Fakery.

This also goes to show what a sham this vaunted peer review system – which has been held up as the one and the only gateway for an idea into the anointed sciencedom – is. This is also the same gateway you must pass if you wish to criticize anything that has already passed. Rest assured that you will be stopped by the security guards – guns drawn. What a gigantic farce!

But I will also give you the hardest possible evidence of NASA’s garbage science. Go to this paper (give the pdf time to download) and see how many NASA authors there are. This is the John Mather discovery paper on which he Nobeled. This is a thoroughly incompetent paper. Can you blame the Nobel Committee for assuming that with all these NASA scientists putting their names to it, the paper must be solid?

My purpose here has been only to get you started with the minimum of demonstration. Dig further, and you will see how individuals who do not know what they are doing are proposing, designing, and conducting multimillion dollar experiments, and reporting spectacular discoveries. Your tax dollars at work!


May 27, 2009

First, a little about Mycroft Holmes:

Sherlock’s elder brother, Mycroft, had a very special talent, so much so that the Government created a one-man special department in the Ministry just for him. Mycroft had a plush chair, a huge Mahogany desk with an INBOX and an OUTBOX, and that is absolutely all there was in his office. Every single piece of paper that moved in the Ministry was cycled through Mycroft’s desk. He took them out of the INBOX, ran his eyes over them, and put them in the OUTBOX. That was the extent of his “work.”

Afer a hard day’s labor, Mycroft goes to the exclusive Diogenes Club, has a fine meal, and then reflects over brandy and cigar.

Mycroft was in fact viewing a very broad landscape of events, news, developments etc. If underneath all these there was brewing some trouble – some diabolical scheme against the Empire, some war brewing somewhere – Mycroft could sense these by connecting the right dots. He could decipher hidden patterns. Then the Ministry could act proactively. He was rendering an invaluable service to the Empire which only he could render.

Let’s emulate Mycroft:

On the surface, no one knows anything about the gigantic NASA science fraud except those who read my posts. There is not a single acknowledgement anywhere – the scientific establishment, the Media, the Congress, the Government – that the issue even exists. It is not the elephant in the parlor, but the T-Rex in the Boudoir. So, what is going on?

In the following, the portions in italics are guesswork. The rest is fact.

The Hidden Chronicle:

More than two years ago, I made a formal post on the Internet about John Mather’s fraudulent confirmation of the Big Bang Cosmology. I made sure that this allegation was plastered all over the Internet, and that appropriate people were informed.

The then NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, with several advanced degrees, is nobody’s fool. He takes a look at the allegation, and says to himself: “OMG!” He then institutes a very quiet evaluation by able engineers. The engineers come back and tell him: “OMG!” Michael Griffin resolves to take executive action. It is not an easy task: He is going to have to take down Superman. But he knows that no one – not even his bosses in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or the overseers in the Capitol Building – can challenge him on this one. He is Da Man who has to do what a man’s gotta do.

Less than a year after I made my allegation, Michael Griffin abruptly and drastically demoted John Mather, and sent him packing from his top HQ job to the pre-Nobel job in Goddard Space Flight Center. Strangely, Mather’s normally vocal scientific colleagues remained completely silent on this precipitous and humiliating action on their most revered scientific colleague by a Government bureaucrat.

Michael Griffin figures this is about all he can do. If he fires Mather for cause and the latter goes to court, there will be huge organizational mess for the Agency. So he leaves it at this.

After Candidate Obama becomes President-elect Obama, I refer the Mather matter to his transition team in an email.

An intelligent person opens my email, and says: “Hmmmm!” He/she decides to forward it to the people in the transition team responsible for NASA. These people are now already deeply involved in thinking about NASA, and this matter suddenly falls in their lap. They do some preliminary assessment, and become convinced that this is a great big Matzo ball hanging out there. They realize that the Bush White House has palmed off this mess to the Obama White House.

By January 2009, NASA realizes that – even if they ignore me as a powerless Internet weirdo – their own subsequent in-house work may also place the Mather discovery in jeopardy. The situation is out of control, and there is now no way out.

Some academics gradually begin to suspect that the independent experiments – one in particular – that have been used to the hilt to corroborate Mather’s Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum may be in question. Backpedaling has started. Some are thinking about withdrawing their contribution to the master diagram verifying the Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum. They don’t want to be present when the stuff hits the fan. But as far as informing the public is concerned, they keep mum. They always keep mum on this. In a scientific matter that was their responsibility – more than anyone else’s – to handle, they choose to take the backseat. Let others handle this. Wake us up when it is over.

Wake me up when it’s over

After the President takes office, his aides ask NASA confidentially about the fraud. NASA fesses up. Now the aides say to themselves: “OMG!” Great discussion now takes place.

The aides decide to keep the President far away from NASA, and put NASA in the holding pattern for the time being.

The Presidential Science Advisory Council is appointed. I send an email to each member on the Mather matter, and also make an Intenet post “An Open Letter to Obama Science Advisors.” I am afraid that physicist John Holdren might try to cover for his colleagues and stonewall this thing, and I am making damn sure that the public is watching him.

Holdren really does not have much say. The Obama aides have chosen to get to the bottom of this, and Holdren is in no position to stonewall this. He is completely inconsequential. All he can do is be on board.

The Media is abuzz with speculation why the White House is delaying appointing a new NASA Administrator. For a variety of reasons, it was now a critical juncture for NASA, and it was extremely urgent to have permanent leadership in place. There is no lack of able candidates. The Congress and other groups keep pressing the White House to hurry up and appoint a NASA Administrator. The White House does not budge. Senator Bill Nelson, who has congressional oversight over NASA, then keeps turning up the pressure on the White House.

The White House has a quiet tête-à-tête with Sen. Nelson, and tells him that the fraud is the reason for the delay. Sen. Nelson knows that, earlier, his own office has been repeatedly apprised of this very same matter, and he did not do anything about it. The new White House is conscientiously handling that which it was his job to have handled a long time ago. He now has eggs on his face.

This fateful photo could have been a very fine statement about mankind

There you have it!
A very fine statement about the soaring of the human spirit.

Asked about NASA, the President says that the Agency is “adrift.” Senator Nelson tones down his rhetoric and begins to make conciliatory noises.

On April 3, 2009, I make a post all over the Internet, saying “NASA officially rescinds the John Mather Nobel discovery.” NASA does not disagree. Nobody protests.

The Obama transition team on NASA now decides to appoint an Administrator, but still keep the President away from this tar baby that NASA has become. They realize that America has deceived the World in no less a field than science, and that America has deceived the Swedes and embarrassed His Majesty the King of Sweden. There is no way the aides would let the innocent President be associated in any way with this rum business.

They also decide that the White House needs close control over NASA to set things right. The new Administrator is given to understand that he will be on a short leash. There will be close oversight from the White House. Furthermore, the aides decide that there needs to be a signal put out that things will be set right.

There is another issue they are thinking about but not saying out loud: The way the President is going, there can be little doubt that he would come up for the Nobel Peace Prize in a few years’ time. One does not want to queer this deal by linking the President to the great American Nobel fraud. Surely the Swedes and the Norwegians are watching as to what the US is going to do about having defrauded the Nobel organization.

On Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend, 23 May 2009, when the nation is logged off from the news of happenings in the Government, the name of the new NASA Administrator nominee is quietly announced in a generic, bland statement titled “President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts”. There was absolutely no fanfare that usually accompany the announcement of such a high level nomination. There is no customary photo of the President standing next to the nominee at the podium. Only a photo of the President and his aides meeting the nominee is released. The Media is surprised, and comments on the inexplicable absence of “hoopla.”

A longtime confidante of the President is appointed the Number Two “Man” in NASA, in a very clear signal to the World that the White House is taking charge. This is an unprecedented development in the history of NASA. At the same time, the statement says that these new leaders will put NASA back “on course”, which can only be interprted as saying that something had gone awfully wrong with the Agency to require such high level executive action.


April 27, 2009

This morning I am hearing that Sen. Bill Nelson is at it again! He is urging the White House to quickly appoint a NASA leader, and blaming President Obama for delaying this nomination.

I do not know the reasons for the White House not yet naming an Administrator. But Sen. Nelson knows very well the most likely reason for it: It is that Sen. Nelson is not doing that job which he needs to do in order to clear the way for future planning for NASA. His office has been apprised multiple times about the gigantic science fraud at NASA, over which Sen. Nelson has the oversight responsibility.

Senator Bill Nelson and Rep. Bart Gordon are the two congressional leaders having responsibility for NASA. They need to clear the air first on why NASA is making fraudulent discoveries and deceiving the World. Only then should a new Administrator be named by the White House. The ball is NOT in the White House’s court.

Indeed, why should President Obama touch this tar baby which it was Sen. Nelson’s responsibility to clean up?

As I see it, only one problem geopardizes NASA’s future: Lack of competent Congressional Oversight.


April 14, 2009

Now that I have handily dispatched the Big Bang Cosmology scam which has plagued the World for some half a century, I will move on to the next project. I don’t know how the Mather situation will be handled publicly, but it will be handled. Here is my thinking: If the people around President Obama are aware of this allegation of fraud against NASA (and God knows I have tried to make them aware), then there is no way they will let the President touch this tar baby. They have seen the spectacle of the King of Sweden shaking hands with Mather. NASA must clear up the matter one way or the other. But there is no “other way”, because no one can assure the White House on record that there was no fraud. So it will have to be handled the only “one way” , before NASA can get a new Administrator. Just my thinking. A great many pundits and politicians are pretending today that they are confused as to why the White House is not appointing a new NASA Administrator. The reason is crystal clear, and they know it.

For myself, I will now move on to the next project: The bogus discovery of Asymptotic Freedom by Nobel Laureates David J. Gross, H. David Politzer, Frank Wilczek. I have already handled this matter, but now I will embark upon a public education campaign. I will learn you in various different ways how this discovery is a scam. So watch this space. In the meantime, if you have not read it already, read the prerequisite for this course: THE PRIORY OF THE DUNGEON.

And here is something else to think about in the meantime: We are smack in the middle of the AGE OF FAKERY. It is characterized by a few cleverest of the clever scamming the World at large. It was simpler in the earlier days. Everybody understood what a Nigerian Scam was. But now, we are being Layed, Madoffed and Yooed. Clearly, few people understood we were being had. It is far worse with the scamming physicists. They are the cleverest people in human history. Nobody can stand up to them.

But now you have me.

Proceed to the next post – the first in a three-part exposé, tackling this most sinster matter in a fittingly humorous vein.


March 18, 2009

It is being reported today that some members of the US Congress are pressing President Obama to appoint a new NASA Administrator without delay. They give a number of cogent reasons.

The problem is, these members are clueless as to what the overwhelming problem with NASA today is. Therefore, they are opining on a subject that they are not up on. Their representation, no doubt well intended, is ill informed.

The overwhelming problem with NASA today is that they have abused the public’s trust and perpetrated a gigantic fraud upon the World, and deceived the Swedish Nobel Prize organization. They have brought great shame upon the nation. What is more, they are keeping mum about all this. They are hoping to offload their stinking garbage on the new White House, and wash their own hands off it.

Key members of the Congress were informed on the science fraud a long time ago through their prescribed official channels. They did not do their own oversight duty, and are now pressing the White House.

The physics establishment whose place it was – first and foremost – to deal openly with this problem has also maintained studied silence. In a very real and tangible way, they are disserving the nation.

President Obama would do well to see this NASA as a tar baby. Do not listen to the establishment physicists – they clearly do not mean you well. Ask for their written assurance that there is no fraud, and they will not give it.

So let NASA clean up its own mess. Then appoint a new leader. Do not tarnish yourself as well as your new man by embracing this very big rotting matzo ball hanging out there.

Look at the following hapless leader who will go down in history as one who shook hands with the greatest science fraud in history: