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April 22, 2013

This is just speculation for anyone interested. I am not claiming to have found the explanation of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMB). I am only saying that CMB may be a straightforward consequence of what needs to happen in the universe, basic physics wise.

In an earlier post I suggested that at extreme inverse square dilution, starlight has to spontaneously shift to lower frequencies (i.e. to “redshift”) in order to maintain the physical “structure” of light. There is nothing fancy or highfalutin here. This is just what has to happen.

As light leaves a star, everything remains fine out to a radius R from the star. Beyond this the light starts to redshift. There is no motion of any kind involved in this pictue. There is no stretching of space or any such thing involved. Also, this is nothing to do with dust grains, Zel’dovich effect, Hydrogen-to-Helium conversion or what have you.

It has to do only with basic physics of light.

So, if we (the observers) are within this radius R of a star, we will see the star in the light that it predominatly emits (e.g. optical, radio etc). If we are outside R, we will see the star in the redshifted light.

Thus, the light from the more distant star populations today forms a continuum of microwave radiation in the universe.

It is isotropic from our viewpoint if the total stellar population (seen and unseen in visual) as seen by us is isotropic.

It is pervasive because the stars are pervasive.

It is patchy because the star population as seen by us is patchy.

This continuum of radiation has no cause to be thermalized, and it does not have a temperature. There is satellite experiment evidence today that CMB is not thermalized.

So the CMB is just radiation from stars that we are not seeing today in their original light, beacuse that light has suffered the redshift effect of extreme inverse square dilution.

It may be that the universe operates on simple physics after all. It may be that this was dispensed with and “higher physics” was brought in its place, so that a century-long lucrative science empire could be thrive. None the wiser.

DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY: Physics vs scam physics

January 23, 2013

Bibhas De reported Dark Matter and Dark Energy in 1996. Big Bang Cosmology and String Theory people are scamming.
Bibhas De reported Dark Matter and Dark Energy in 1996. Big Bang Cosmology and String Theory people are scamming.
Click here to start exploring the idea.

Bibhas De reported that magnetic field in empty space is a mass.
Bibhas De reported that magnetic field in empty space is a mass.

Bibhas De new view of magnetic field
Bibhas De new view of magnetic field

Dark Matter and Dark Energy at UC Berkeley:
Perlmutter Road and Smoot Road
Perlmutter Road and Smoot Road:
Dark Matter and Dark Energy at UC Berkeley


July 10, 2012

I have been doing some looking, and I find no evidence in history that cosmological redshift was ever examined as matter of basic physics of light by hardcore physicists.

And yet, that is the very first thing that needed to happen.

Also, redshift seems to be the norm of the universe. There are some examples of blueshift, but these seem to be pathological.

The prevalence of redshift and its interpretation as Doppler shift (and later, stretching of space) have resulted in the view of the exapanding universe. From that point on, the Big Bang Cosmologists have been gaming the system for nearly a century.

The Big Bang Cosmologists today sit in supreme confidence on a beautiful flying magic carpet of the Doppler expansion and under a showy umbrella of its verification by space age technology.

That umbrella I have taken away from them. Now perhaps it is time to pull the rug.

What if this redshift is explained within the foundation of physics, in the very nature of light?

What is special about light in the cosmological setting that we have not had reason to consider before?

It is this: A light field at the limit of infinite dilution (infinitely small energy density).

What happens to light then and why?

Something to think about for those with physics in the gut.

I have suggested some considerations here.


October 12, 2010


[Click to enlarge]

Bibhas De new view of magnetic field:
Matterless mass.


April 19, 2010


Cosmological theories are built on our observational knowledge of the universe. Our entire knowledge of the universe comes from, by and through electromagnetic (EM) waves (Radioastronomy, Infrared Atronomy, Optical Astronomy, X-ray and Gamma Ray Astronomy etc.) Thus it goes without saying that all cosmological theories are built on these truths:

1. Electromagnetic signals travel from a distant object to the Earth at the velocity v = c (the velocity of light.)

2. For these waves, the electric field E and the magnetic field B are orthogonal to the direction of propagation and orthogonal to each other, and bear the relationship E = cB.

3. These signals travel in a straight line.

4. There is no change in frequency as the signal travels.

Some of these ‘truths’ have been called into question, based on various suggested effects on the propagation (“Tired light” is an example.) There are other suggestions of unusual modes of EM waves (solitons etc.). However, these are not the subject of my discussion. This discussion concerns something far more basic: The very nature of electromagnetic phenomena in free space. It is my position that these phenomena have been incompletely understood to begin with, and that EM waves are only a part of EM phenomena. More specifically, I shall talk of two classes of EM phenomena:

E= cB waves or Electromagnetic Waves
E < cB waves or Companion Waves

Let us summarize for the purpose of this discussion how all cosmological theories view space today, electromagnetically speaking:

Space is filled with electromagnetic radiation that obeys E = cB.



Yourself alone. In the Interstellar Space, far away from any objects. So, you are immersed in electromagnetic waves crisscrossing in every direction, in every frequency. According to our present understanding, if you measure the electric field E and the magnetic field B at any frequency and at any pair of orthogonal orientations, they should always obey the relation E = cB.

But there may be in addition interstellar magnetic field, which may or may not be time-varying. For this field, E < cB. Overall then, you expect in some cases to measure E < cB.

So, even without introducing any new considerations, based only on conventional physics and conventional astronomy, E < cB is a possible and likely observation in the Interstellar Space. However, one cannot distinguish these EM field from those of the EM waves. So, as a general condition, what EM phenomena exist out there are not all EM waves! We can say:

Space is filled with electromagnetic energy that obeys E ≤ cB.


Elsewhere I have discussed electromagnetic phenomena in empty space, and presented a universal diagram for such phenomena. Consider it:

Universal Diagram of Free Space EM Phenomena
In this dimensionless diagram, the yellow pushpins represent static magnetic field (0,0) and electromagnetic wave (1,1); the yellow-shaded ordinate indicates time-varying but non-propagating EM fields – as near an electromagnet. The question is: Is the rest of this diagram altogether empty, as the current lore holds?
Where does, for example, Low Frequency Magnetic Communication (an established technology) fit in? It is the blue pushpin. Where does superluminal near field of an antenna fall? The red pushpin. Where does Lewey Gilstrap’s elestrostatic communication (see Appendix) fall? It is the green pushpin. But all the three pushpins have been placed arbitrarily. So you can move them around arbitrarily. Thus you can create red, blue and green clouds in the empty space of the diagram. These clouds can fill the available space.
Now continue this process of thinking!

You should now arrive at a general picture of space as follows:

Space is filled with electromagnetic energy with a wide range of relationship between E and B.

Have there been any attempts to detect EM energy propagating with E ≠ cB in free space? Never. Is it possible to do so? Yes.

Take these points in. We will return to this discussion later.


February 19, 2010

Reader, in this post I will explain how I addressed a foundational issue of physics that a hundred years worth of the physics establishment has not been able to understand, let alone address.

When the foundation of a science is left uncompleted, further development of that science is less restrained and less constrained. This is the case with physics. This is why we have weird stuff like Big Bang Cosmology and String Theory. As I complete that foundation, these things will go the way of snake oil.

Static magnetic field lines extending over the vastness of empty space is an essential feature of the universe (best known examples being planetary, galatic and interstellar magnetic fields.) In the present view of physics, magnetic field line in empty space is just a mathematical definition. There does not exist correspondingly anything actual where this field is present.

Right off the bat, you should have problems with this in your gut. If you are, say, several minutes of light-travel-time away from the nearest source of magnetic field, and you do an experiment and see an instant effect of the local magnetic field, you might ask: Doesn’t this mean that something actually exists locally corresponding to the magnetic field lines?

Then you start to think: Well, if this is the case, then all of contemporary cosmology is based on incomplete knowledge of essential physics! All this business about dark matter and dark energy comes from people who do not know whereof they speak!

Now, if you pose this question to today’s great physics professor, he will laugh you out of his office. That’s because he has never felt these things in his gut, and he never will. That’s because he does not have a physics gut. Sad but true!

But I will answer. You will see that with me, you are in the highest of scientific company. Consider this diagram, which should be consider the most relevant diagram of contemporary physics development:



[Click here to enlarge]

What is at issue here is the entire new consideration of magnetic field, and not just the fact that it is a mass.

Now, if you wish to explore further, the best and the most convenient place to start is here. Then you can go to my scientific paper, also available online.

To end this post on a note of hope. Outside the physics establishment, fortunately for mankind, there are very fine thinkers. A new voice was added to those of Faraday and Maxwell. In June 2006 I received from Romanian physicist Ionel Dinu a manuscript that opens with the above two quotes from Faraday and Maxwell (This was the first time I learned about these quotes). Dinu explains in his own admirable way that magnetic field lines cannot be just fictitious geometric lines, but that something real exists where the lines are. In his view, the field lines are a manifestation of the flow of the pervasive ether. Dinu faced rejection from the physics establishment, but fortunately for him and for science, his paper is being published (Ionel Dinu, “What’s behind Faraday’s Magnetic Lines of Force”, Electric Spacecraft Journal, Issue No. 41, August 2006, pages 24-30.)

Ionel Dinu

Here is the absract of Dinu’s paper:

Since their discovery by Michael Faraday, magnetic lines of force have represented a powerful way to visualize magnetic fields. Nevertheless, their physical interpretation cannot be considered a settled issue even today. The voice of James Clerk Maxwell, who advocated a change in the state of the aether in regions where the lines were made manifest, has gradually been overcome by those of proponents of theories representing the lines of force as merely geometrical lines running through empty space. The accepted model is inadequate, and the present work provides a new interpretation of magnetic lines of force that restores the material aether as the seat of magnetic phenomena.

This is where it’s at. This is where physics needs help, and this is where the future of physics lies. The World is worshipping the Golden Calf with great festivities, but it won’t be long now until Moses comes down from the mountains.


February 10, 2010

Reader, from time to time now – starting with this post – I will describe in a popular science vein the contributions I have made to physics.

When you read these posts, you will understand why I am the supreme authority in physics. Why I alone can assail the Nobeled discoveries at will. Why I can declare as bogus what the world has accepted from the physics establishment as the God-given truth.

The Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak
[Wikimedia photo]


First, think of Electromagnetic Theory as a set of effects in a set of mediums. Basically, we have three mediums:

Vacuum (absence of matter).

We are to discover what effects occur and how.

The foundation of EM Theory was laid down more than a hundred and fifty years ago by the likes of Faraday, Ampere, Maxwell et al. This foundation has been reworked twice since: Once by my teacher Hannes Alfven, and again by me.

When you take one EM effect in one medium, you can see this as a pillar of EM Theory (and of technology present and technology future.) When you arrange such pillars in a logical sequence, you have the makings of a hypostyle hall.

The effects we will speak of are the following:

Electromagnetic Waves
Electric Current J
Electromechanical force in a magnetic field B
Electromagnetic “Body” Waves in a magnetic field B

The last of these refers to the case where the medium – if it is a fluid or a fluid analogue – moves as an EM disturbance propagates. In other words, this is a coupling of electromagnetic and “hydrodynamic” effects.

Why “Great” Hypostyle Hall? Think about that one!

With this orientation, consider the following figures [click to enlarge]:

Figure 1: The beginnings of the Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory due to Faraday, Ampere, Maxwell ….

Figure 2: The extension of the Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory by Hannes Alfven.

Figure 3: The completion of the Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory by Alfven’s student, Bibhas De.


Figure 4: Key to Figure 3 – The Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory with the pillars identified.


11 – EM Wave in conductors
12 – EM Wave in dielectric
13 – EM Wave in free space
21 – Conduction current J_c
22 – Polarization current J_p
23 – Displacement current J_o
31 – J_c x B force in conductore
32 – J_p x B force in dielectric (De, others)
33 – J_o x B force in free space (De)
41 – Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Wave (Alfven)
42 – Magnetohydroelectric (MHE) Wave (De)
43 – EM Companion Wave (De)

Reader, you can now explore further by going first to my easy-to-read online articles, and thence to the actual scientific papers. Then come back and wander through the hypostyle hall above, and contemplate each single pillar – what it means, what its technology potentials are etc. Like the beautiful frieze in each pillar in Karnak, each pillar above has greatly nuanced meaning.

In subsequent posts, I will describe other similar contributions I have made to rework the foundation of physics.